"Text, graphics, and HTML code are protected by US and International Copyright Laws, and may not be copied, reprinted, published, translated, hosted, or otherwise distributed by any means without explicit permission."

While copyright was not an issue historically and therefore wasn't mentioned in the classical books of Islamic law (fiqh), contemporary Islamic scholars, like the world-renowned Mufti Taqi Usmani, have confirmed that copyright laws do have a place in Islam, and that it is not permissible to take advantage of the labors of others by appropriating their work without permission.

SHUKR, in accordance with Islamic law and US and international statute, therefore defends the copyright of all text, graphics and programming code on its website.

Why do we defend our copyright?

Firstly, people who take our photographs are misleading their customers by displaying photos of garments that they aren't selling. They may claim the garments "look similar," but they truly don't, because all of our products are exclusively designed and produced by us.

Secondly, customers may be misled into thinking they are purchasing genuine SHUKR clothing. Please read more about Genuine SHUKR Clothing, so you can learn how to tell if the clothing you purchased was truly manufactured by SHUKR according to our high quality standards.

Thirdly, when people take our images and text without our permission, they're behaving in a manner contrary to Islamic law and it is our duty to stop a person from committing an act of disobedience. Such people are also acting contrary to US and International laws and could possibly be prosecuted for their actions.

Finally, we work very hard to provide you with superior products and excellent service.

We have a right to reap the rewards of our hard, lawful work. We have gone to a lot of trouble to produce quality Islamic clothing, superior photographic images, innovative icons, and well-researched articles and information for the benefit of our customers.

If somebody wishes to display good quality images, create icons, or write informative articles, then they should do so lawfully and not take that which doesn’t belong to them.

How do we defend our copyright?

We take all necessary measures to defend our copyright:

  • First Step

We request that the copyright violator remove our copyright material within a certain period of time. We explain the above mentioned points in a polite manner, starting from the assumption that the person doesn’t realize the wrongdoing of their actions.

  • Second Step

If the material is not removed after the allotted time, we write to the violator’s Internet Service Provider informing them that they are hosting a website that is displaying our copyright material without our permission. This can result in the ISP removing the violator’s account because the ISP also becomes liable for hosting copyright material.

  • Final Step

We retain counsel and explore legal proceedings against the violator. SHUKR is extremely reluctant to take legal action against a fellow Muslim. However, when this stage is reached, the violator of our copyright has obviously shown little regard for our rights under Islamic law, and we have to take all appropriate steps to protect our business.

Everything on our website is legally copyright material according to US and International Law.

How do we catch copyright violators?

We simply do a search on the website every few weeks and then go through all the websites that sell similar clothing to us. We also hear from concerned customers who have found our photographs on other sites and want to make sure that this has been done legally and with our permission. We are extremely grateful for the vigilance and concern our customers have shown on behalf of our rights. It is our intention that this page serves to better inform people who may not be aware that using our photos, text, and coding is not permissible.

What to do if you suspect one of our photographs, logos, or text has been illegally taken?

All of our authorized resellers display our products with the SHUKR brand. If you see one of our images, icons or articles on a website without the SHUKR brand accompanying it, contact us using the “Other Questions” option. Thank you for your help.