Islamic Clothing UK for Men, Women, and Accessories by Shukr UK
Islamic clothing by Shukr is the UK's premier destination for exclusive, contemporary Islamic fashion. Women's Islamic clothing features abayas, maxi dresses, jilbabs, hijabs, long tops and skirts. Men's Islamic clothing includes thobes, jubbas, kufis & long shirts.
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Women's Long Dresses Women's Long Blouses Women's Wool Coats Women's Abayas
The ultimate in Islamic clothing: the SHUKR dress. Nothing says modest fashion better. Tunics, tops, and blouses. All modestly beautiful and ready to wear for Muslim women on the go! Every SHUKR outerwear item is a wardrobe essential, a statement of style, and a timeless classic. The SHUKR Abaya: the must-have item for every Muslim woman's wardrobe.
Pants Jilbabs Hijabs Skirts
Women's Knitwear Women's Jilbabs Women's Hijabs Women's Long Skirts
Stylish, comfortable, practical: SHUKR pants are cut with your modesty in mind. SHUKR's modern take on the traditional jilbab combines natural materials with exquisite designs. A hijab for every occasion! Cover in style from a wide range of sophisticated styles. With a collection of various cuts and designs, SHUKR skirts are cute, comfy and keep you covered.
Kufis Jubbas Thobes Men's Tops
Kufi Jubba Thobe Men's Shirts
Be proud of your Islamic identity and complete your modest outfit with a quality kufi, hat or cap. Distinguished jubba's in variety of quality fabrics and comfortable designs. SHUKR has combined traditional quality with contemporary designs perfect for the modern Muslim man. SHUKR's collection of modest tops and shirts are designed for the modern Muslim man.
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